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Local Products

Addresses of where you can buy local products in Villamiroglio and in the surroundings, to take home a bit of Monferrato.

Where you can buy Local Products in Villamiroglio

Az. Agr. Biologica MOLINO DEL CONTE - Via Molino del Conte 3, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti

Organic products. Certified Organic for over twenty years, the farm produces fruit and vegetables, condiments, sauces, compotes and jams for sale directly such as: elderberry nectar, cream of peppers, bagna cauda grandmother's sauce, peppers and shallots sweet and sour and much more. "Educational Farm" at farm: workshops for schools, to discover organic products. Lunches and dinneres in the new Bagnacauderia only on reservation. Overnight accommodation available.
Phone: 0142 947207

Apicoltura di BALZOLA MARIA - Via Romagnoli 54, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti

Production and sale of wildflower and acacia honey.
Phone: 0142 947249

Azienda Agricola GIOLITO ARNALDO - Via Romagnoli 28, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti 

Production and sale of bottled and bulk wines of Monferrato.
Phone: 0142 947212

Azienda Agricola RAINONE ANGELA - Via Brusa 7, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti

Production and sale of fruit and vegetables.
Phone: 0142 947201

Azienda Agricola GENNARO MAURO - Via Mezzalfenga 12, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti

Production and sale of fruit and vegetables.
Phone: 0142 947125

Azienda Agricola BALZOLA MARCO - Via Parasacco 8, Villamiroglio

Cultivation and sale of flowers and plants.
Phone: 0142 947142

Azienda Agricola MIREU di Sara Tarditi - Via Curto 17-19, Villamiroglio Fraz. Vallegioliti

Cultivation of fruit trees, berries and nuts.
Telefono: 349 6306370

Azienda Agricola CAFFER MAURIZIO - Via Alemanno 8, Villamiroglio

Organic and biodynamic wine farm.
Phone: 0142 947164

Where to buy Local Products nearby Villamiroglio

Azienda Agricola Biologica SAN GIOVANNI VECCHIO - Via S. Giovanni 18, Moncestino

Monferrato salami made with organic pigs. Direct selling of cooked salami and not, bacon and aromatic organic beef and pork.
Phone: 0142 945230

Agriturismo IL NOCCIOLETO - Via Brusa 5, Moncestino Fraz. Seminenga

Production and sale of hazelnuts and derived products, cakes, cookies, liqueurs.
Phone: 0142 945292

PENSIERI IN FIORE - Via Torino 26, Piagera di Gabiano

Plants, flowers, wedding favors, gift items, decorations for ceremonies.
Phone: 0142 9955024

CASTELLO DI GABIANO - Via S. Defendente 2, Gabiano

Emporio open daily for tastings, production in the estate of the castle of DOC wines including Rubino and Gabiano DOC.
Phone: 0142 945004

IRIDE - Via San Pietro 126, Gabiano

Sale of rhizomes of all varieties of iris.
Phone: 0142 945493

CASCINA FRANCIA - Vicolo Serra 2, Sant'Antonio di Odalengo Grande

Direct sale of Barbera, Bonarda, Freisa and Grignolino wines.
Phone: 0142 949146

Agriturismo e Bed&Breakfast Casa Costa - Via Bava 10, Murisengo

Direct production of goat cheese from raw milk in dairy farming and contiguous. Immersed in the green, offers services both as bed and breakfast and as a farm.
Phone: 0141 993243

Pasticceria QUILICO - Via Umberto I 76 , Murisengo

Century-old company passed down for generations, producing, from Old Monferrato Recipes, refined products and unsurpassed high-pastry.
Phone: 0141 993182

LA CUCINA DI UNA VOLTA - Via Sorina 37, Murisengo

Household products and fresh dishes like ravioli, pasta, food, cakes and cookies.
Phone: 340 6196474

ADRIANO DELU' - Via Rivo 35, Murisengo

Slow Food breeding of indigenous breeds of Piedmont, with direct sales of Carmagnola gray rabbit, blonde Piemontese and Cavour and Saluzzo white chicken.
Phone: 339 1218119

The famous KRUMIRI of Casale you can buy from Portinaro, from Tuesday to Saturday, in Via Lanza 17 in Casale.

Markets and flea markets

Thematic markets and not are often associated with demonstrations and events, please consult the Links for more informations.
Among the regular appointments, vegetable and not market every Sunday afternoon in Piagera of Gabiano, Monday morning in Murisengo and Friday morning in Crescentino, while in Casale market days are Tuesdays and Fridays.
In Casale, every 2nd Saturday and Sunday of the month, at the Mercato Pavia, famous Antiques Market.
The Consorzio Casale C'è organizes in central Casale exposures related to wine and shopping with shops open every 2nd Sunday of the month from March to December (except August).
Also in Casale, il Paniere, market of organic and eco-friendly crafts, in Piazza Mazzini, the 3rd Saturday of every month (except August)
At Ozzano, Antique Market, 1st Sunday of each month.
At Frassineto Po, on weekends, at Palazzo Mossi, market of the Book Village and outlet of the book Booklet, open simultaneously, in Via Veneto 4.