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Maps and Brochures

MAP OF VILLAMIROGLIO  (updated June 22,2012)
Detailed map of the City of Villamiroglio created by Villamiroglio in Foto. Shows roads, trails used and unused, streets, waterways, including seasonal and points of interest. This map is the result of the union of data taken from three different maps and partly from the direct observation of the territory, many of the trails can be no longer practicable or just partially, this map is therefore to be understood only as a tool for orientation of the territory, and it's NOT an appropriate tool to hiking. For more detailed information on the major paths refer to the maps of the trails below.

Are now also available 2 brochures of suggested paths and a brochure of the devotional signs in PDF format. The files show the paths of Villamiroglio more feasible, those of Monte Bric and Monte Croce, and a list of Devotional signs (chapels, niches, etc ...) of the town, and are designed to be printed in the two fold brochure format in A4 size (29x21cm). The paths contain the suggested route map, a list with photos and brief descriptions of places of interest marked on the map, alternative paths and a brief description of the route. Map of the location and a short list of the signs of devotion are surveyed in the third. You can save and print the brochures, or view them via a PC or tablet to your preference, to bring it easily with you!
Note: all the brochures are now available only in Italian
Suggested paths of the brochure of Villamiroglio in Foto are NOT related to any type of signal present along the paths of Villamiroglio; most of the signals that you may encounter along the paths should refer to the paths of "Camminare il Monferrato", available on, even if the signals have been arbitrarily modified and did not today retraces the original paths from CAI.

"Sentieri del Monte Bric" in PDF

 "Sentiero di Monte Croce" in PDF

 "Segni Devozionali" in PDF


Maps from official sources

Here for you some maps on jpg files based on the Regional Map and Raster Geographic Data Base of the Regione Piemonte.
The full and exclusive ownership of the base maps is of the Regione Piemonte. These files have been made in the terms of the Creative Commons license. Any inaccuracies or errors will be reported to

Map B/W with elevation contour lines - 1: 10,000 scale

Color map with elevation contour lines, altimetry, division of land use - 1: 25,000 scale

Map B/W with elevation contour lines, altimetry, areal indication - 1: 10,000 scale


Below you will find some maps of trails suggested. Some can be put together and walked on the same day as the two slopes of Monte Croce, who are joined going around the mountain, which in turn can be combined to the Stra Mort, or be driven in stages, as you can do for the hillside of Monte Bric.
The maps are presented for information purposes only and do not represent paths in scale, but they offer a lot of information, especially about the possible dangers or the sights and attractions.

Map of the trails that branch out around the ruins of Bricco Catello or Bricco Miroglio. It also alerts about the sights and any points of attention.

Map of the dirt path leading from the church of St. Liberata to Case Odoone, with the option to continue going up to Monte Croce, great for mountain biking and motocross.

MONTE CROCE - VERSANTE NORD/OVEST - disponibile al più presto -
Map of the path of the north/west of Monte Croce from the cemetery of Villamiroglio to Pian dell'Opj. Includes deviation for locations for n'Curnarej, the sights and points of attention.

Map of the path along the south/east of Monte Croce, from Villamiroglio to Impariasca. It includes the climb to the top and down to the Case Oddone, the sights and  points of attention.

So called because it unites the two cemeteries of Vallegioliti and Villamiroglio. Map of the two branches of the path, walked even during an edition of "Camminare il Monferrato".

COSTIERA DEL MONTE BRIC Parte 1 - Via Romagnoli-Via Brusa
COSTIERA DEL MONTE BRIC Parte 2 - Via Brusa-Case Curto
COSTIERA DEL MONTE BRIC Parte 3 - Case Curto-S. Filippo

Map of the trail that follows the hillside of Monte Bric starting from the last houses of Via Romagnoli in Vallegioliti to reach the hermitage of St. Philip in Mezzalfenga. It includes the paths from Via Brusa, Case Curto and Via Bosa, with indications of sights and point of attractions. (note the 2nd and 3rd part are so renamed after the subsequent addition of 1st part).

LA COLLINA DI S. PIETRO MARTIRE - disponibile al più presto -
Map of the path leading to the chapel of St. Peter Martyr, from Via Piglie to Mezzalfenga, with sights and points of attention, walked in an edition of "Camminare il Monferrato" and in part of the "Motocavalcata" in 2010.

SENTIERI TRA RAIROLO E CARPEGNA - disponibile al più presto -
Map of the trails that reach the township Rairolo, where is the Church of St. Roch, the seat of the Autonomous Partisan Brigade "Patria" during the winter '44 -'45. Including the sights and points of attention.

Tips for walkers

- Face walks with suitable clothing for hiking in the woods and rough terrain also, and perhaps a supply of water, there are no bars in the woods! Some trails and river crossings can be very wet in the rainy seasons, usually in the fall, as the Stra dì Mort, you may decide to use boots in these cases.
- Follow the trails, paying close attention to where you put your feet, snakes and vipers are not rare !! The snakes are harmless, and usually the noise scares them, but the vipers are poisonous and camouflage themselves, especially in the gray of the dirt road, and if you accidentally crushed on one it could easily bite you, also they like to bask in the sun along the hottest paths, as the south side/east of Monte Croce.
- Where you pass leave only your footprints! If you want to have a picnic or a rest on the grass make sure that there are no dangers in the neighborhood and do not leave anything behind you!
- A walk is not a marathon! Walk slowly and enjoy everything you see and hear. The nature hides endless wonders and surprises!
- If you find any waste pick them up if you can, the environment will be grateful or advice of the presence to those who can go to pick them up.
- If along the way you find impediments or damage (landslides, fallen trees, etc ...) that prevent the passage report them to the municipality of Villamiroglio, in Piazza San Vito 1 (phone 0142/947101) or to the Site by email or on social media.
- Why not bring a pair of binoculars...
- ...or a camera to capture images and memories you want to share with others?
- All the rest leave it where it is!!!
If you have been in Villamiroglio for an event, for sport, for vacation or just for a walk, or even if you live in the territory, and have commented your experience in a blog, website or social, why not share your feelings and your thoughts through the Facebook or Twitter  pages of VIF, or your pictures in the Flickr group?!