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A correct separate waste collection is the mirror of our real feeling for the territory and the Earth, and the best way to preserve and maintain natural resources. It's a commitment that can give good results if ALL we strive to separate our waste properly, do it it's easy, following some tips for a correct separate waste collection!
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Latest additions in the Photo Gallery

NOTE: the Photo Gallery is avalable only in Italian.

January 25, 2017
- Un paese per il paese

November 28, 2016
- 4° Rally Colli del Grignolino 2016
- Eventi del cielo

October 18, 2016
- 5.6 Strada Oddone, Pozzo e Liberata
- Lavori

Initiatives of Villamiroglio in Foto

  • Devotional Signs

    Inspiration of discovery and care of the Devotional Signs of Villamiroglio through the dedicated page.

  • Brochures of suggested paths

    Brochures of suggested paths and one of the devotional signs in PDF format created by VIF.

  • Herbarium of local species

    To recognize the plants and fruits in the territory see the Herbarium of VIF with photos and descriptions of the species surveyed.

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