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How to get to Villamiroglio

Villamiroglio is situated in Monferrato, in a hilly bordering area between the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Turin, just 30 minutes from Casale Monferrato and 50 from Turin and Alessandria. It's not served directly by the public transport (the nearest bus stop is at Piagera di Gabiano, about 2km from Vallegioliti and 4km from the main town), so the only way to get to Villamiroglio is with private transport.

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From the A4 (Turin-Milan) green route
Exit Chivasso Est direction Verolengo. Arrived at the first roundabout follows for Casale Monferrato-Crescentino. Reached Crescentino continue on the main road and turn right, then exit Brusasco - Verrua Savoia. At the roundabout turn right and cross the bridge on the Po River, turn left immediately for Gabiano / Villamiroglio. Go straight until the township Piagera of Gabiano, turn near the market square (shed yellow / blue) towards Villamiroglio and continue for 2km to reach Vallegioliti. For Villamiroglio, go on and reach the church of Vallegioliti, before the parkway, turn left and go up for a couple of km.

From the A26 (Genova-Gravellona) blue route
Exit at Casale Monferrato Nord. At the exit, turn right towards Casale, at the first roundabout follow for Casale-Morano Po, at the next roundabout take the right exit for Morano Po. Continue to Morano Po (at the roundabout follow the new ring road or across the town, it is irrelevant ) then at the next bridge turn left towards Asti-Moncalvo-Pontestura, then take the right exit to Castagnone-Val Cerrina. From there go straight to Gaminella of Mombello, where turn right towards Gabiano-Villamiroglio. Overcoming Gabiano pass by the Storypark, keep it the left, turn left at the Piagera near the market and follow the same directions as above.

From the A21 (Torino-Piacenza) pink route
Take the A26 direction Gravellona Toce and exit at Casale Monferrato Nord, then follow the same directions as above. Alternatively, exit at Casale Monferrato Sud, take the ring road towards San Bernardino, at the roundabout enter in Casale through the underpass, at the next roundabout follow the signs for Torino-Val Cerrina and continue to Gaminella Mombello, then follow the directions above.

From Asti (Portacomaro) purple route
From Portacomaro (tangential exit of Asti) proceed towards Casale Monferrato. Once in Castell'Alfero turn left towards Cocconato-Murisengo, etcc.., pass the railway and continue to the intersection for Scandeluzza, on the right. Turn and continue to cross Scandeluzza, then go up to Murisengo. At the main intersection of Murisengo, after the church temple, turn left and follow the descent, after the crossroads go straight to St. Antonio-Corteranze. Follow the road for about 4 km to reach Vallegioliti. For Villamiroglio, continue and reach the church of Vallegioliti, after the avenue, turn right and go up for a couple of kilometers.

Use GoogleMaps to get to Villamiroglio